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Topics: Nutrition, Health, Vitamin Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Slenda Fat Burner is a product name distributed by Slenda Nutritional Weight Loss Systems , a company that aims to provide natural remedies for losing weight and keeping healthy . Slenda Nutritional Weight Loss Systems claims that the components of Slenda products are all-natural ingredients , thus providing for a safe and effective way to shed weight , enhance the performance of the digestive system , speed up metabolism , augment the formation of slim and slender muscles , and keep healthy by feeling energized . The ingredients used in manufacturing Slenda products are said to have come from different parts of the world to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the product and have undergone biological tests to guarantee not only weight loss but also overall wellbeing . These ingredients include Vitamin B6 , Garcinia Cabogia , Guarana Extract , Citrus Auranthium , white willow bark , L-carnitine , Chromium picolinate , dandelion leaf , Uva Ursi , green tea , and cayenne powder (Slenda , 2008a ) Slenda Nutritional Weight Loss Systems manufacture and distribute Slenda Fat Burner . Apparently , two people who endorse and practice the use of natural medicine founded the company . One of their primary goals is to provide products that are made from fine natural ingredients and educate consumers about the positive effects and benefits from using their products . The Slenda Nutritional Weight Loss Systems products claim to be an important instrument to ``lose excess weight and fat easily and healthily ' The company claims to be dedicated in conducting continued and thorough research and remain conscious about new innovations that allows the them to develop and enhance nutritional supplements that promotes the health and being of everyone . Slenda products include Slenda Supergreens , Slenda Supergreens with Ashwaganda , Slenda Carbo Block , and Slenda Vital Vitamins (Slenda , 2008b )

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