Product Design

Topics: Poverty, Transport, Automobile Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Ryan Elfallah
Ms. Jasmine Jones
9th grade
English 1
May 3rd 2011

I would design a product that would be revolutionary that nobody had created before. My college career has been mainly focused on science and how you can transport an object from place to place using electricity most people call it transportation because o the movies and think it is impossible but I can assure you this is very real.

It is amazing what you can do with a very expensive lab, electricity, ingenuity, and an amazing imagination. When I was a kid in my young age I always thought it was such a shame that most of us do not even finish our food and thought , what if there was a device that can transport your food to the poor people. While we just eat half of our plate and we throw it away why not give It to those who are starving and need food and drink much more than us.

And think about it it would also have much other benefits because you can literally ship anything in a matter of seconds all of the shipping when you order something online which takes 5 -7 business days to ship it would take a matter of seconds and distance does not matter so if you were shipping to somewhere really far away you would probably have to do it by plane and would cost enormous bucks and depending on the flight and everything will probably be around three weeks.

Also it could be used for the military or national security imagine that you are on the brink of war and need a document right away you could send from Japan all the way to Spain in a matter of seconds or a physical artifact the possibilities are limitless with this device obviously it would be very expensive and would only be able for the wealthy because this is not cheap to make it would eventually become to be lower prices eventually just like when they invented cars and only the wealthy or TV only the wealthy had it but now everybody has a car or TV etc.

I would start the asking...
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