"Product Centric Business Model & Customer Centric Business Model: a Comparative Study of Brac Bank

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I earnestly thank Mr. Mehedi Hassan Chowdhury, Senior Relationship Manager, Premium Banking, BRAC Bank, Chittagong Cluster, for acting as a mentor round-the-clock and showing me the right direction whenever I started going off-track. Nevertheless, I must acknowledge the continual support I got from my Internship Supervisor Mr. Sanjoy Bose, Relationship Manager, Premium Banking, BRAC Bank Chittagong region through guiding me during the whole Internship period.

Most importantly I would like to thank my supervisor Mr. Md. Ayub Islam. Without his support and guidance this report would not have been possible.

Also I would like to thank my parents and my friends especially Mr. Arup Ratan Barua whose constant support and advice inspired me in every sector including accomplishing the research.

Finally I thank all other BBL staffs whose cooperation I found to be really kind and supportive. Indeed, I wish every success of BRAC Bank Limited in future.

Letter of Transmittal

May 28, 2012
Mr. Mehedi Hassan Chowdhury
Senior Relationship Manager
Premium Banking, Chittagong Cluster,
BRAC Bank Limited.

Subject: Submission of Internship Report.

Dear Sir,
With due respect I am very pleased to enclose herewith the internship report on “Product Centric Business Model & Customer Centric Business Model: A comparative Study of BRAC Bank”. I have tried my best to prepare a good report with providing all of my effort and to cover all aspects regarding the matter. I think that this report contains the information that you need to get an idea about my research also.

I, therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to accept my internship report.

Sincerely Yours,

Priyanka Barua

Executive Summary
This is the internship report based on the experience I had and research I made during three months long program I worked as an intern at BRAC Bank Limited, Agrabad Branch, and Premium Banking division. The topic of my repot is “Product Centric Model & Customer Centric Model: A Comparative Study of BRAC Bank”. For this purpose I have divided the report in four main parts that firstly differentiates the Customer Centric Banking Model with Product Centric Banking Model. Then discusses about the services provided in this new model and existing Premium Banking Model. I have tried to find out the Customer satisfaction whether it is focused on service or product. And lastly I have tried to find out the profitability of the existing Premium Banking business model and thus tried to assume whether the new business model shall be successful or not. Banking is the heart and soul of an economy. Bangladesh with a developing economy linked its almost every sector with banking. So there is a need for efficiency and development in the banking sector. Over the last few decades many international banks has set its foot on Bangladesh. They have improved and developed their systems and benefitted the economy of this country as well. Along with multinational banks a domestic bank that has competed and successfully set its standards in the sector of banking in Bangladesh is BRAC Bank Limited. Modern bank has an important role in the maintenance and development of the economy. In simple words, bank collects the money from the mass people which would remain idle otherwise. And then reallocates the money in different industrial, financial or personal sectors where it is needed and properly utilized. In other words it can be said that banks provide necessary funds for executing various programs underway in the process of economic development. It utilizes the productivity of the money and thus earns profit. As a twenty first century bank BRAC Bank don’t just do the baking particularly, rather it is continuously becoming something new- by offering new services, merging a consolidating into much larger and more versatile business. Now it has diverted its orientation from product centric point of view to...
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