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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Question 04
How would you go about developing a high level of consumer awareness of a product launch? The key to creating strong brand awareness is repeated exposure of the brand to the target audience. Efforts to build brand awareness help consumers become familiar with your products or services. Over time, by repeatedly exposing the brand to target audience and by delighting them with remarkable experiences, we as marketers earn their trust and loyalty. That usually translates to more sales and a host of other benefits for business. Coca cola, Nike, and McDonald are already giants among brands. Yet, they continue to pour millions of dollars on advertisements, commercials, event sponsorships, and endorsements. It’s because they recognize the importance of maintaining their brand identities in the marketplace and the intangible benefits that a strong brand brings. Fortunately, we don’t have to spend millions of dollars like these corporate giants in order to boost exposure for your brand. Thanks to the Internet and a host of other modern guerilla marketing methods, you have many low cost, yet effective marketing methods to maximize your brand exposure. One method is search ads boost brand awareness. According to a joint study conducted by Google and Levi’s, paid search ads were found to boost consumer awareness of the Levi’s brand by 23%, even though the ads were not always clicked. Conducting search on search engines like Google and Bing has increasingly become a popular method for consumers to shop and search for information. As such, search ads not only drive traffic to generate sales, but also help build brand awareness for your products and services. The benefit of using search ads is that you have complete control over your budget and your ad messages. Furthermore, you can immediately track the responses of your ads with analytic tools such as Google Analytics. Second method is to maximize brand awareness and boost sales with free social media tools, of...
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