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Volunteers for Horticultural Science

Elijah McCall

Assignment # 1

Strayer University

MKT 100

Principles of Marketing

Dr. Bonaparte Jr.


The world has change so much over the year. When growing up things were so much different. As I look at the market world today it is full of so much technology that helps the world function. In this paper I will inform you about how Horticultural Science is declining in the United States. After telling you what Horticultural Science is and how its decline is hurting the U. S. economic. According to the horticulture department of University of Minnesota, horticulture is the growing of flowers, fruits and vegetables, and of plants for ornament and fancy or just the art and science of plant production for both beauty and utility (2011). Without Horticulture science it would be hard to grow fruits, vegetable and pants because the different type of weather we are having because it is not the same weather it used to be. The sole purpose for horticulture science is to generate and extend knowledge about fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and landscape design to increase food security and food safety, sustaining the environment, enhancing economic vitality, and improving the quality of life for individuals and their communities (NCSU, 2012).

Why is horticultural science declining in the United States? It is simply because of the high demand we have here. We are trying to eat healthier so we are trying to make more healthy fruit and vegetable. When I say that it takes more money to do it and more people to work in this field and many people are not trying to work in this field. Stated by George, when looking at global production and consumption statistics shows that fruit and vegetable consumption per capita is slowing or is static, with a few exceptions such as some tropical fruits like mango (2007). There is need for more people to get into horticultural science, so that there is more food...

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