Product Analysis/CMU

Topics: Doctorate, Academic degree, University Pages: 4 (481 words) Published: June 6, 2014

Product Analysis
Sheila Aninipok
Fund of Marketing Sales

The product/service California Miramar Universities provides to its customers and potential customer is education. Education is a highly evolving market, where a need for a degree is a must have if a person would like to achieve a greater advantage in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Although, many other institutions offers Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate programs, the one advantage I gather is of the utmost benefit to California Miramar University against its competitors is its low tuition cost. Not only do they offer low tuition cost to private pay or federally funded students, they also support the military and provide 50% percent discounted tuition rates that is applicable even to the spouses (California Miramar University, 2014). Kaplan Universities total cost of tuition for an undergraduate student for a Master’s in Business Administration degree is almost $30,000 and I only offered online and if you have transfer credits it is yet to be determined if it will be accepted. Kaplan’s product strategies consist of providing online education to students along with tuition reduction rates for the military, scholarships, grants and Financial Aid (Kaplan University, 2014). California Miramar University however, will accept a Bachelor’s degree credit meaning that it will substantially decrease the tuition to a more affordable price. But even without the transfer in credits the total cost of tuition at California Miramar University for a Master’s in Business Administration program is less than $14,000 with the options of online, school grounds or hybrid classes. Offering similar tuition reduction rates, scholarships, grants and Financial Aid but the total tuition cost is unbeatable. From a students’ perspective pricing definitely plays a key role significance in the potential school I would chose to attend. After all most companies do...
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