Produce a Report Which Reviews the Need for Measures to Be Taken to Ensure Personal Safety and That of Others When Attending an Emergency Incident Scenario

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Personal protective equipment, Safety Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Produce a report which Reviews the need for measures to be taken to ensure personal safety and that of others when attending an emergency incident scenario, with reference to relevant health and safety legislation. Conclude your report by evaluating the impact of health and safety measures on services responding to an emergency incident scenario with reference to relevant health and safety legislation. Some incidents have a greater threat to the public but also the environment more than others so at the crime scene it is important that it is made safe so it will not affect citizens and the environment at an emergency incidents there are multiply dangers for example; * Bombs & explosives

* Chemical spillages (HazChem warning system)
* Fires
* Electrical Cables
* Railways and railway crossings
* Persons trapped
* Smoke inhalation
* Evacuations
All bombs and devices that are suspected put a danger to the scene due you have to think who are they targeting a good example could be the Olympics this had to be thought about a lot as terrorist activities was high. All safety measures need to be put in place for example warning signs, barriers, cones, road closures and diversions that are all due to the consideration for the public welfare a good way to warn the public about possible delays to public transport, congestions is using the media so the scene can be kept safe and will not affect the local environment and its citizens. It is important for health and safety measures for emergency services responding to a incident for example; * Health and safety act at work 1974- it’s a set principle for all employees and employers to follow and to help employers to have a safe working environment by protecting the health and safety but also welfare of people at work. This is important for all emergency services as if where you were working wasn’t safe for example in the Ambulance service you could not be given protective overalls this...
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