Procurement Selection

Topics: Negotiation, Marketing, Mediation Pages: 3 (653 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Module: KMGT684 – Contracts and Procurement.
Discussion Question: Week 5
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The first important question we need to put forward for discussion is what is ethics in negotiation?. According to K.Kisala et al (2012:1) states that “ Ethics are broadly applied social standards for what is right or wrong in a particular situation or a process for setting these standards ”. The authors continued discussing that there are many types of how people interpret ethics and they were able to gather them under the following headings:

(a) End Result Ethics: ethics are interpreted by evaluating consequences. (b) Duty Ethics: considering obligations, to apply universal standards and principles. (c) Social Contract Ethics: an action is right by determining obligations in applying universal standards and principles. (d) Personalities Ethics: an action is right by one’s conscience.

In real life, negotiations can be approached under two main headings that of Positional Approach and Principled Approach. In general Positional Approach assumes that the parties in negotiations are competitors of each other and there is no Win-Win situation. Each party will try to make a move in order that he/she gains from the other party and trying to invent anything to take an advantage over the other party. The Principal Approach recommends four approaches to negotiation in order to avoid any party’s unethical behavior during negotiations:

(a) Separate the human aspect from the issue.
(b) Focus on interests, rather than positions.
(c) Create options for win-win situation.
(d) Recommend on objective criteria.

There are various unethical behaviors during negotiations and the following are some of them [Hill et al (2009:282)]:

(1) Misrepresentation in information given. This happens when someone will furnish future buyer with wrong information in order that a decision is taken...
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