Procurement Management Processes

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Project Management Certificate Program (v.3)
• $550 p/credit x 18 credits = $9,900 
• $90 resource fee x 6 courses = $540
• Total cost approx. $10,440 (does not include other books, software costs or taxes) • All 6 courses 5 weeks long each
• Total 30 weeks = Approx. 7 ½ to 8 months to complete with no breaks • Stafford funding = $7,053 (OOP = $2997)
***Student's will need to have or purchase the PMBOK and MS Project Software refer student's to: (approx cost = $150)

Course Descriptions:
CPMGT 300 Project Management
This course examines project management roles and environments, the project life cycle, and various techniques of work planning, and control and evaluation to achieve project objectives. The tools currently available to project managers are illustrated in this course through the use of Microsoft® Project® software. CPMGT 301 Strategic Portfolio and Project Management

This course provides students with insight into the management of an organization's strategic project portfolio. Students will learn the value of aligning a project's goals and objectives with the organization's strategies and stakeholders' interests. In addition, this course will illustrate how project teams are used to accomplish continuous improvement and to facilitate change within the organization. Students will also examine the characteristics of global and virtual project management. CPMGT 302 Procurement and Risk Management

This course explores the procurement planning process, contracting methods and phases, outsourcing, contract administration, and the external environment of the procurement management processes. The course also addresses risk management applied to both project and procurement management processes. CPMGT 303 Project Estimating and Control Techniques

To be successful, project managers must analyze alternative project decisions by relying heavily on project estimating and control tools and techniques. This course provides...
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