Procurement Management Plan

Topics: Project management, Contract, Procurement Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Procurement Management Plan
Date April 16, 2013

Project Name:
Guidelines on Types of Contracts: All items purchased will be under firm-fixed price contracts. The project manager will work with a contracted purchasing firm to solicit bids from top choice vendors. After this occurs, a final vendor will be selected and only a firm-fixed cost contract will be used. Standard procurement documents or templates: Campus Burgers is a burger restaurant that services the public with products such as burgers, fries, milk shakes, etc. Each seller of our products needed will need to fill out a document for each project. The project team has several documents and templates to use. Each one is different and will be use as often as possible. Each one will have a date per month or week that they will deliver product. Guidelines for creating procurement documents: There are 3 steps in creating procurement documents; conducting, controlling, and closing.  We will be conducting a formal proposal evaluation form for the suppliers.  Controlling the documents is done by the project manager and team so that the contracts are written in legal formality.  The project will be closed by performing a procurement audit. Roles and responsibilities: Project manager is the main contact for all procurement matters directly related to the Campus Town Burger project. Project manager and project team will also coordinate with the other staff in the purchasing, marketing and legal departments, an needed.

Contract Statement of Work
Date April 16, 2013

Project Name:
Contract Name: Campus Town Contract
Scope of Work: We are going to open a restaurant that will succeed through multiple years. This will be done through careful preparation and being able to adapt to changes. Not only changes in our business but changes throughout the community for which we serve. We are going to be the best restaurant in the Springfield area. We are going to let our food and our service be the tools...
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