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Our Commitment

It is widely recognised that the public sector has a key role in furthering sustainable development through its procurement of buildings, goods and services.

BERR is committed to ensuring that sustainability through procurement becomes embedded within the departmental culture. This document describes BERR’S approach to achieving this objective.


This document describes the sustainable procurement strategy for core-BERR but is equally applicable to all or any of its Agencies and NDPBs who wish to adopt it. (Agencies are required to either prepare their own strategy or adopt their sponsor department’s strategy.)

It includes our strategy to:

• develop a BERR environmental purchasing policy which is fully integrated into all our purchasing activities; • introduce environmental risk assessments of contracting activity; • develop and implement environmental supply chain management; • ensure that systems for further integration of Government-wide initiatives and guidance are in place; • develop mechanisms for measuring and reporting on progress.

It also covers:

• the development of an action plan to take this Strategy forward; • the identification of the management structure and resources required to implement this Strategy.

BERR Environmental Purchasing Policy

Our Environmental Purchasing Policy will underline our commitment to procure all our goods, services and works in a sustainable manner. Our policy will have commitment from the most senior level and our procurement personnel will have the authority to challenge any internal customers who ignore the Policy.

We will provide guidance, support and training to our internal customers to enable procurements to be undertaken in a sustainable manner according to our Policy. Our Policy will be in the form of a stand-alone statement of Policy and will also be enshrined in our guidance documents.

We will communicate our Policy and all ongoing relevant sustainable development requirements to our internal customers via one or more of the following:

• Procurement Policy Services (PPS) Procurement Account Managers; • Group Procurement Contacts;
• Procurement Bulletins;
• Procurement conferences;
• Procurement seminars;
• The BERR Noticeboard.

We will provide a checklist of environmental and social considerations for each stage of the procurement process which will be available to our internal customers via our BERR procurement web site.

Environmental Risk Assessments

Adoption of a risk based approach is seen as a key tool to sensible decision making in incorporating sustainability within each procurement. We will incorporate a process of environmental and social risk assessment in to our procurement activities. Environmental and social risk assessments undertaken by project owners will identify procurements which constitute high environmental and social risk. Responsibility will lie with project owners to mitigate the risk. Lower environmental and social risk procurements will also be assessed and the correct level of management will be applied on a case by case basis. Our approach to risk management will be to:

Remove risk
Reduce risk
Manage risk

Environmental Supply Chain Management

We already comply with the existing Government-wide standards on sustainable procurement – the “Quick Wins”. The EU Consolidated Directive, which was incorporated into UK legislation at 31 January 2006, allows authorities to identify social and environmental conditions related to the performance of the contract provided they are compatible with Community law and are included in the contract notice. Environmental award criteria are permitted provided they are linked to the subject matter of the contract. Additionally suppliers may be excluded from tender exercises for professional misconduct relating to environmental and social...
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