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Procter and Gamble

By | March 2011
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Procter and Gamble Operations Management

It is not easy to produce something that people may consume, this needs many steps to be passed by, in terms of how costumer can get, and deal with it. The companies have to look for the people’s needs and sell them, however, reliable product to gain from them a trust, and also to achieve the organization’s goals This essay clarifies the procedures that the organization products can have, in the transformation process in terms of transformed resources, 4Vs, its operation‘s five performance objectives, strategy, process design, and others that influence on making products. Operations management cares on managing the main processes for making and distribute of products and services, the operation management has been talked by just the large organization, but they carry out the activities that business management institutes. The all activities often include the research and development, product creation, production and distribution. Operations management controls all operations with the organization; there are many activities in these operations such as managing purchase, inventory control, quality control, storage, and logistics. (Carter McNamara, 2009, I believe that the operations management leads the organizations to make a good production strategy, as well as getting them larger and deal with most effective processes. When people are likely to have many things for their daily needs, they tend to choose the best alternative ways to have them. For that, I am going to choose Procter and Gamble, because I have referred in it as the best example of the professionalism in productivity and services in many of its manufactures worldwide. In addition the company has a good marketing strategy, with its long term goals. P&G is one of the greatest companies that influences on our daily life. We, consumers, can see this sign on many of its products,...

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