Procrastination: Time Management and Online University Library

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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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May 31, 2011
University of Phoenix

Procrastination, a common problem that university students face every day; procrastination in a simple definition is putting off for tomorrow what can be done and should be done today. With so many distractions such as technology, friends, and hobbies, procrastination becomes harder to avoid. As I write this paper, the urge to procrastinate comes up, thoughts of I still have a whole week and a half creep up. This same thoughts go through many students; they become deceive and think they can finish an assignment the day before is do; some students take their chances and attempt to do assignments hours before is do. Even though this is possible in some cases, this only causes the students stress and in the majority of cases they turn in a very poorly done assignment. This student will obtain information on what causes procrastination and how to avoid the urge to procrastinate. The online university library, and search engines will be major tools that this student will use to obtain information on this issue. Procrastination is caused by varies reasons. Jhonplaceonline list the top 11 causes which, are complicated-task anxiety, fear of imperfection, indecision, priority confusion, boredom from minutiae, lack of focus, poor organization skills, laziness, lack of focus, early morning lag, post-launch fatigue. I feel the main reason I procrastinate is that I tend to be a perfectionist, and because of complicated-task anxiety. Writing has been always a complicated-task, so the urge to procrastinate when completing a writing assignment is overwhelming at times. Through research I have found a few suggested solutions to my problem. I have found that the best way to defeat complicate-task anxiety is by breaking the big task into smaller tasks. For example: Complete one paragraph at a time, take a break before starting the next paragraph. After a smaller task is accomplished, this will...
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