Procrastination: Time Management and Best Blueberry Muffins

Topics: Time management, Procrastination, Muffin Pages: 2 (874 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Once upon a time, there was a little boy who loves to play behind his grandmothers house. One day he found a tree, this was no ordinary tree, this was a muffin tree. He ate one of the muffins and it was one of the best blueberry muffins he had ever had, and everyday he came back and had more delicious muffins, till one day he became very bored, and asked the tree " oh muffin tree, can you please make any other kind of muffin?" But the tree said nothing because it was a tree and tree do not speak. The next day the boy came back and found that to his surpise there was a new kind of muffin. He tried the muffin and it was even better than the first, then three minutes later he fall down dead. Moral of the story is not to wait to till the last minute to do a project because it leads to bs'ing and stress over it. This was an example of procratination; which is the delaying of any project or assignment. Procrastination is bad for your health and grades.

Now that your throughly confused, lets talk about procrastination. Mr.Hellwig if you would look away for a second, so I can get an honest answer.By raise of hand, how many of you procratinated on this speech? Ok good thats terrible you should be ashamed of your self. They're aren't that many studies related to procrastination, because they areal put off...but on the studies that I did found show that two Important ascects of everyones lives were empacted by procrastination; which were health and work preformance a.k.a your grades. Imagine that you had a hugh test... next period. Whats your first though? Mine would be "oh God, I didn't study AGAIN!!!! I'm gonna fail and get shipped to military school and someday get hooked on drugs and become an social outcast and die alone... no? only I think that? well everyone still stresses about test and get that choked feeling, so you cram and the you get in to the test and your mind draws a complete blank. This stress could have easily been avoided through...
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