Procrastination on Grades

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Have you ever waited till the very last minute to do homework or study for a quiz or test? Procrastination, whether you want to admit it or not, has gotten to everyone at some point. If you wait till the night before something is due or preparing for a quiz or test, you may get a decent grade, but it probably won’t be the best grade you could get if you would have studied days in advance. Some may be proud of the fact that they crammed for 3 minutes and got a 100%, but when you think about it they won’t remember that information even into the next class hour. So, procrastination affects your grades even if you think it doesn't. When the teacher announces the date for a quiz or test and you study that night and every night up until then, you will be much more prepared for it then if you waited till the night before. Statistics are hard to show on procrastination and cramming with their effect on grades because there are chances a student could get a very good grade on something but not put forth much effort to get it. Normally though, you will end up with a lower grade not necessarily poorer. On homework, you may do it at midnight or even in the five minutes before class but in doing that you may not read it carefully enough or miss something. With answers missing and or wrong, this lowers your grade. So doing your homework at a reasonable time after school, or doing it in a study hall and not mess around during that time would help with the student’s grade. Forgetting that you had homework, a quiz, or a test in a class is never a good thing. When you find out about it, you have to cram and you aren't putting in enough concentration and effort to get the best grade you can get on it. Turning in a paper late, or not at all, docks points off as well. Every point counts, because just one could make you pass or fail. So at the beginning of class it’s best to know you have the homework to turn in on time and that you have prepared yourself well enough for the...
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