Procrastination and Personal Growth

Topics: Responsibility, Procrastination Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: July 30, 2012
While procrastination stands in the way of personal responsibility, today’s college students must incorporate effective strategies for success as a student. There are many definitions for personal responsibility but the one that means the most to me is: Personal responsibility is taking responsibility for your actions, accepting the consequences that come from those actions, and understanding that what you do impacts those around you ( As a student putting work off or not taking personal responsibility can negatively affect your overall success. When working with a Learning group, you can negatively affect other classmates by your lack of responsibility. While preparing for my success I too will incorporate a plan for effective strategies for success as a student.

My first step in practicing personal responsibility as a student is to identify procrastination. Some times as a student we tend to put off assignments until the last minute. This is very understandable because sometimes life can be quite hectic and filled with responsibilities, but procrastination won’t get you anywhere. We have to recognize procrastination and begin to make better decisions that limit the possibility for procrastination. Examples of procrastination are waiting to the day an assignment is due to start it, not being fully prepared for a presentation or simply over looking due dates because you haven’t looked at a syllabus more than once. Procrastinating can even invade your daily life; examples are paying a credit card late pass the due date even though you know you’re going to be charged an outrageous late fee. There is a thousand ways to procrastinate. Procrastination does not have to consume your life. There are steps and different ways that you can deal, prepare, and eliminate procrastination. Personally I would like to be prepared and eliminate procrastination in my...
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