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Student Procrasting
Ever wonder why there are so many hours in a day and students still procrastinate? Most teachers wonder why students wait until the last minute to do their homework; or study for a test. But teachers fail to realize the many other things students have to do before they can focus on that one task. Legitamite reason or not every student at one time is gonna procrastinate on something.

One of the main reasons students procrastinate is because work. Work is a very important factor in why most kids procrastinate. This day in age almost every person gets a job at the age of 16 and they can't necessarily tell their boss they can't come to work because they have homework or have to study for a test. So they put it off until the very last minute and try to remember every detail or write off the wall answers on their homework just to say they did it.

Also, while most teenagers do have jobs theres also the other students that have family priorities they have to worry about on a daily basis, like watching their siblings, or having to take care of a sick parent. Having to take care of siblings or a sick parent takes a lot of time and effort which distracts the student from taking care of their work because what is a priority to the teacher, in their eyes isn't as much of a priority as their own family.

Another factor that keeps students from doing their work is sports. Students who play sports tend to travel far out for games or have long tiring practices. So, when they come home the last thing on their mind is homework. They're exhausted and want to eat, lay down, and relax. Many teachers relax on students who play sports because they understand how hard it is, but for other students who just procrastinate because its unfair.

In conclusion, the three main reasons students procrasinate are work-related, family priorities, and sports. Even though procrastinating isn't good teachers don't always know the struggle students go through to get...
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