Procrastinate Now, Don't Put It Off..

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Procrastinate now, don't put it off..
Every teacher always gives the same old tired speech when assigning a school assignment “Start right away, do not begin until the last minute to begin”. I usually tend to disregard any warnings about procrastination. When given school assignments, I used to think that they wouldn’t bring me any knowledge I would use in the real world; boy, was I wrong! School assignments are meant to teach us responsibility, and punctuality. I eventually had to learn to plan ahead and not procrastinate over a pile of work and a hot pot of coffee.

My AP Biology teacher sophomore year assigned my class a project two weeks after the beginning of the first semester which was due a week before the end of the semester. The project was to include a research paper, a model and a presentation on a topic of our own choice. I had a little over four months to complete the entire project. Like any other teacher he suggested we should start away considering that it was 30% of our final grade. He told us that it was a simple yet long project that couldn’t be put together the night before, I took that as a challenge. I watched as most of my class worked on their projects part by part, taking it day by day as my teacher had instructed to do so. I on the other hand kept promising myself that I would start the next day. The next day turned into the following week, eventually the weeks started passing by, the weeks turned into months. My teacher oh so kindly reminded us that we had 1 month left, I began to panic, I had done absolutely nothing in 3 months. At this point I hadn’t even thought about what topic I wanted to do my project on. Foolishly, I managed to convince myself that one month was more than enough time to complete the project. The following day I finally headed to the library to begin my research on possible topics for my project. I was so overwhelmed with choices and information that I decided to think it over until I chose...
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