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Proclivity Towards Passion

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Proclivity Towards Passion

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  • October 2012
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What is passion? Passion to me is the ever burning flame that drives the expansion of imagination and creativity. It is the sole thing that molds our individual lives. Passion is what I have had towards computer science since the age of nine. Activities such as programming and fixing computers filled up the bulk of my free time. In addition, an interest in biology formed during high school. Ever since then, the crossroad between computer science and biology has fascinated me. A career choice that lacks satisfaction, and is neither enjoyable nor fulfilling is not worth the time or effort, but a career choice filled with passion sparks a lifelong curiosity to learn and expand ones knowledge.

Computer science, or more specifically programming, is something that I love to do, and has preoccupied the majority of extra time I have. When I was in third grade, a couple friends introduced me to BASIC and Python, programming languages that are primarily used for scripting. Over time, I began to learn more versatile languages like HTML, Java, C++ and Assembly that are used to code applications going from computer software, to mobile device platforms. The programming trek subsequently ended with the introduction of computer cryptography, artificial intelligence, and computational theory. These particular branches of computer science have fostered characteristics resembling perseverance, in terms of programming, and analytical thinking, in relations with AI and computer theory. One of my side hobbies during elementary and middle school was gathering old broken computers and fixing them. In the summer of 2010, I created a load-balanced super computer. The super computer was made up of seven computers that shared resources such as processing power and memory together. Unfortunately, the super computer had to be disassembled as running seven computers takes up a copious amount of energy. Computer science always has been, and will most likely always be,...

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