Prochaska Model to Bring Change in Human Behavior

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  • Published : August 21, 2012
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Shante Stone
Prochaska Model
Kaplan University

The Prochaska model has five different stages that a person will go through when change occurs. The first stage is precontemplation which is when a person does not even see that there is a problem with their behavior. Since the person does not see a problem with their behavior they will not see a need for chance. The second step is contemplation stage. In this stage a person may begin to recognize that there is a problem with their behavior, but they are debating on if they should change. People in this stage know that they want to change but they are also comfortable with how they currently are in life. Preparation is the third stage. In this stage a person has decide to change their behavior. They have taken small steps in their personal life to make these changes. In this step people are just trying it out to see if this is what they really want to do.

The fourth stage is action. In this stage the client has changed their behavior over a short period of time. They have put together a plan that they have developed during the preparation stage. Clients in this stage are more aware of their past behaviors and they are making an effort to not use those old behaviors. The fifth stage is maintenance. In this stage clients have changed and they are working extremely hard to maintain their new behaviors. They have been in this stage for at least six months and have not been having any problems.

I believe that this is a linear model because a person who is trying to change goes through each of those stages. Each stage describes how a client will feel and what they are thinking. Is everyone the same? No, but the model does not specify who can go through these different stages. A person that is trying to stop abusing substances will go through each of these stages to recover. I also believe that this model can be used to change certain parenting styles. If a parent has decided to stop whooping their...
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