Processed Cheese and Kraft Foods

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Kraft Foods

Executive summary(KH)6
Background/ History of Kraft (ME)7
Mission Statement(ME)8
Major Goals(ME)12
Corporate and Environmental Philosophy(ME)12
Mission Statement Analysis(ME)13
Strategic Evolution(KH)13
Intended Strategies(KH)14
Emergent Strategies(KH)16
Kraft’s Organization and Structure (YL)23
Purpose of the Report(KH)26
External analysis26
Industry overview/History(YL)27
Industry Growth & Profit(YL)28
Package Foods and Meats Segments (YL)29
Industry Analysis/Porter’s Five Forces (YL)29
Risk of Entry by Potential Competitors (YL)30
Entry Barriers(YL)30
Economies of Scale(YL)31
Product Differentiation(YL)31
Capital Requirements(YL)31
Switching Coasts(YL)32
Access to distribution Channels(YL)32
Cost disadvantages Independent of Scale(YL)32
Government Policy(YL)33
Expected Retaliation(YL)33
Product Differentiation(YL)33
Power of Buyers(YL)34
Power of Suppliers(YL)34
Threat of Substitutes(YL)34
Intensity of Rivalry among Established Firms(YL)35
External/ Macro Environment (KH)36
Technological (KH)36
Macro economical(KH) 36
Political /Legal (KH)39
Demographic Forces(KH)41
Global Forces(KH)43
Social Forces(KH)43
Summary of Analysis and Impact (KH)44
Strategic Group (ME)45
Competitor’s Objectives(ME)46
Market Share(ME)49
Competitive Advantages(ME)49
Current Strategies(ME)50
Opportunities and Threats Chart (CB)51
Internal Analysis (KH)55
Value Chain Analysis (KH)55
Primary Activities(KH)55
Research and Development (KH) 55
Production (KH)57
Marketing and Sales (KH)59
Customer Service (KH)60
Support Activities(CB)62
Materials Management (CB)63
Human Resource(CB)64

Company Infrastructure(YL)67
Quality(YL) 71
Customer Responsiveness(YL)72
Competitive Advantages(YL)72
Financial Ratio Analysis(ME)74
Liquidity Ratio(ME)74
Current Ratio(ME) 75
Current Ratio Analysis(ME) 76
Quick Ratio(ME)77
Quick Ratio Analysis(ME) 78
Leverage Ratios(ME)78
Debt to Asset Ratio (ME)78
Debt to Asset Ratio Analysis(ME) 79
Debt to Equity Ratio(ME)80
Debt to Equity Ratio Analysis(ME) 81
Activity Ratios (ME)81
Inventory Turnover Ratio(ME)82
Inventory Turnover Ratio Analysis(ME) 83
Days Sales Outstanding (ME) 84
Days Sales Outstanding Analysis(ME) 85
Profitability Ratios(ME)85
Return on Assets Ratio(ME)86
Return on Assets Ratio Analysis(ME) 87
Return on Equity Ratio(ME)88
Return on Equity Ratio Analysis(ME) 89
Overall Ratio Analysis/ Recommendations(ME)89
Summary of SWAT Analysis (CB)90
Business Level Strategies (KH)91
Distinctive Competencies(KH)92
Sustainable Competitive Advantages(KH)94
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Threats(CB)95
Advantages and Disadvantages of Business-Level Strategies(ME)99
Disadvantages (ME)101
Conclusion of Business-Level Strategies(YL)103
Strategic Issue #1 (Team)104
Alternative # 1(ME) 104
Alternative #1 Advantages(ME) 105
Alternative #1 Disadvantages(ME) 105
Alternative # 2(KH) 105
Alternative # 2 Advantages(KH) 106
Alternative #2 Disadvantages (KH) 107
Alternative # 3(YL) 108
Alternative # 3 Advantages(YL) 108
Alternative #3 Disadvantages(YL) 109...
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