Process to Get Married

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The process to get married 

First of all, all the couples who want to married they have to go through several steps the first one is dating. The next step is the proposal (be engaged). After that, the groom has to talk with the parents of the bride. Finally, they plan the wedding at least with six month in advanced.

All the couples start like friends and after certain time they decide dating. There is no science in that. Almost everyone knows how to ask a girl for a date, of course they must have similarities to fit as a couple.

After a while as couple they decide to engage, that becomes in the proposal. There are many ways that you can propose a girl, some of the boys are very romantic, they prepare everything for the evening with candles, rose petals, music and of course can't miss the ring. Others are more informal but original such as those who go hiking with his girlfriend and they propose in the middle of the mountain.

Once the girl say yes, the fiancé has to talk with the parents of the bride and ask for permission to marry with their daughter. After the parents of the bride agree with the groom and given the permission, they make a dinner to celebrate the engagement.

Finally the couple plans the wedding at least with six month in advanced. The couple should contact the parish as soon as they become engaged. They have to search for the place of reception, define the list of guests, the cake, the dinner, the bride has to look the wedding dress and make up. That's why the couples start planning the wedding at least with six month in advance because it takes too long to take care of many details.

In conclusion, they have to follow some steps to get married and the steps are not complicated, but they have to be sure that what they want is marry otherwise the marriage will not work.
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