Process Recording

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Process Recording
Client’s name: yulaydi Date of Interview: 10/30/2012 Section # 2 Assessments 2 Client’s information: yulaydi is 22 years old she is a single mother of a 5 year old son. She is unemployed and is residing in her mother’s home.

Presenting issue: The client was referred to this agency because of her anxiety and depression problems she is seeking help in dealing with the pressure being put on her as a mother and as a daughter living under her mother’s roof.

Systems the Client is involved in: SNAP (Food Stamps), Public Assistant, and Unemployment, Medicaid.

Client’s Strength: Pride’s herself in being a good mother, deals well with stress, analyses advices.

Purpose of Contact:
The purpose of contact is that the client feels a great amount of pressure from her mother to live life the way her mother says she should live her life and the client feels that her and her son are both a bother in her mother’s house. She says she needs to leave just so she won’t have to do whatever her mother tells her to do so she doesn’t get kicked out. I called the clients name in the waiting room and I asked her to come into my office it is a small room with only enough room for 3 chairs a computer and a desk the computer was turned off and the lighting was a little bit dim and the windows where close but were very clear for the sun to shine through giving the room enough light to make it comfortable. The client came up to me I extended my hand and I said hello miss Xulaydi, my name is Yuldenia Tavarez and I will be your social worker if you can please follow me to my office , so we can get to know each other a little better. The client followed me and once in the office I asked her if she would like to take a sit and make herself comfortable she sat and took off her coat, I then asked her if she would like something to drink and she asked for water so I gave her a small bottle of water. I asked her some personal questions like her name and her birthday to make sure that she is the person I am supposed to be seeing once I was out of the way I asked her to tell me what brings her to the agency? She looks at me and says “I don’t know what to do with my life anymore , I am the mother of a 5 year old son she is the light in my world but my mother is trying so hard to change that about me,” I asked her “how so?” she said “ she keeps gaining up on me because she says that since he was born I have not been able to do anything with my life that why should I pay so much attention to him and not to what I should really be doing which is bringing money into the house.”

As I sat there listening to the client I suddenly notice that the client eyes were getting very watery ,and her nose became red, and her voice became deeper, she started to cry and handed her a box of Kleenex and let her cry. She apologized and I told her that it was ok to let it out. The client was a short chunky woman, cooper skin with dirty blond hair, her eyes sort of like a grayish- greenish eyes. She was dressed in loose jeans and a red t shirt that said rock it. She wore no make-up and no jewelry. When the Client first walked into the office she looked like she has had her feelings hurt, she looked like she had been crying for a long time. She looked very confused as to what she was doing there. My feeling and attitude in the meeting was one of compactions for her situation of feeling that she had no other choice than to seek help or be homeless with a child or stop being a loving mother to be whatever her mother wanted her to be. I felt bad for the girl because she wants desperately to be a loving mother to her son but she also did not wanted to be kicked out of her mother house because she was not what her mother wanted her to be she was seeking employment and even though I wanted to help her so much with this issue I...
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