Process Recording

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Nursing, Feeling Pages: 14 (4422 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Student: Kyle Bundas

| Possible Points| Actual Points|
I. Setting |
Describe setting| 2| |
II. Interaction |
Record interactions (6 interactions)Describe non-verbal behavior of patientDescribe non-verbal behavior of student| 1233| | III. Interpretation|
Relate patient’s perceived feelingsRelate student’s thoughts & feelingsExplain identified coping methods or defense mechanisms related to patient behaviors| 884| | IV. Critique & Rationale |

Identify technique and rationale usedIdentify one or more blocks and give an example of a more therapeutic response| 155| | V. Summary |
Identify most significant patient themeEvaluate student nurse’s emotional responseDetermine patient’s level of development according to EriksonExplain patient’s level of need according to MaslowCompare patient’s perception of needs to the nurse’s perception of the patient’s needs| 52224| | Up to 10% may be deducted for spelling, grammar, legibility and neatness| | | Total Points| 75| |

Comments| | |


Communication can facilitate the development of a therapeutic relationship or serve as a barrier to block its development. Blocks are any factors that may cause the nurse consciously or unconsciously to hinder the patients expression. Therapeutic communication is to help the patient express thoughts and feelings so that his/her needs can be identified. The nurse should use the elements of the communication process and utilize specific skills or techniques. In order to do this, the nurse must have the ability, to perceive and communicate accurately and with sensitivity, the feelings of the patient and the meaning of those feelings. Objectives:

To facilitate verbalization of the patient’s feelings
To describe accurately, nonverbal communication in the nurse-patient interaction
To analyze the verbal and nonverbal data
To identify techniques of therapeutic communication
To identify blocks to communication

The student will describe the setting before recording dialogue with the patient. The dialogue will be lengthy enough to provide a basis for analysis of the interaction. Six (6) interactions are required. The conversation should reflect the objective of development of a therapeutic relationship.

The process recording will include the following five sections: SettingPatient age and diagnosis. Do not use patient name. Use initials only. Overview and description of the patient and surrounding environment

InteractionRecord therapeutic interaction that facilitates verbalization of the patient’s feelings so that needs can be expressed Describe the patient’s nonverbal behavior, the nurse’s nonverbal behavior (tone of voice, body movement, eye contact)

InterpretationIdentify the perceived feelings of the patient (fear, anxiety, loss of control, anger, etc.)
Identify the nurse’s thoughts and feelings
Explain the patient’s use of coping methods/defense mechanisms to observed behaviors
Identify type of coping mechanism used

Critique and Identify the approach (technique) and give the rationale for its use RationaleIdentify one or more blocks and rewrite what should have been stated

SummaryIdentify the theme most significant to the patient
Evaluate own emotional response to the patient interaction Determine achievement of Erikson’s developmental task in terms of implication for the behavior being presented
Explain from what level of Maslow’s hierarchy the patient is behaviorally operating.
Compare the patient’s perception of needs to the patient needs you have identified.


THERAPEUTIC INTERACTION| INTERPRETATION| CRITIQUE AND RATIONALE| Patient verbalStudent verbal| Patient nonverbalStudent nonverbal| Patient perceived feelingsPatient coping method orDefense mechanismType of method usedStudent thoughtsStudent feelings...
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