Process Planning and Cost Estimation

Topics: Flowchart, Ergonomics, Engineering Pages: 3 (543 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Department of Mechanical Engineering
ME 2027 – Process planning and Cost estimation
Final Year Mechanical Engineering
Question Bank

Part A ( 2 Marks)

1. Define method study
2. Mention the objectives of method study
3. What are the applications of method study
4. Define work measurement
5. Mention the types of process chart
6. What is outline process chart?
7. What is a two handed process chart
8. What is travel chart?
9. What is multi activity chart
10. Differentiate template and models
11. Distinguish flow diagram and string diagram
12. Define flow diagram
13. Define string diagram
14. What is cyclegraph
15. What is chronocycle graph
16. What is therblig?
17. What is SIMO chart?
18. What is ergonomics
19. Briefly explain ergonomic display design.
20. Briefly explain ergonomic design of control.
21. What are the factors involved in designing working environment? 22. What are the rules concerning principles of motion economy 23. Mention the techniques in time study
24. Mention the tools used in time study.
25. Define standard time
26. Mention the allowances in arriving standard time
27. What is process allowance?
28. What is contingency allowance?
29. What is fatigue allowance
30. What is personal allowance
31. What is interference allowance?
32. What is special allowance?
33. What is process planning?
34. What are the objectives of process planning?
35. Mention the activities involved in process planning
36. Mention the documents involved in process planning
37. What are the approaches to process planning?
38. What is manual process planning
39. What is CAPP?
40. What are the benefits of CAPP?
41. Define retrieval CAPP.
42. Define generative CAPP.
43. What are the components of generative CAPP?
44. What are the merits of retrieval CAPP?
45. What are the demerits of retrieval CAPP...
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