Process Paper: Fire Helmet

Topics: Helmet, Firefighter, Helmets Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: October 1, 2008
How to Make a Fire Helmet

In order to construct a fireman’s helmet one would need to cut out four die-cut leather sections. Leather is remarkably a very fire-retardant material, hence why it is used in many other important personal protection pieces. These sections are sewn together to make what you call the “skull” of the helmet. One would also need to cut out another leather section to later become the brim of the helmet. One would now fold and crease each section in the middle and double stitch the fold. After the four sections are sew one would flatten the crease with a special flat hammer. Once one has sewn and flattened all of the four leather sections one would then score a line around the template and sew all four leather sections together.

Next one would stretch the leather sections which should now look like a ridged bowl onto a plastic molding and then trim the excess leather from the edges. Next one would attach two sets of vice-grips to the skull and then attach the vice-grips to a hydraulic jack to stretch the skull piece. Once the skull piece has finished stretching approximately two days one would apply a very very strong adhesive to the ridges and run them through a pressure roller five or six times per ridge to ensure a tight bond.

Next comes the famous brim piece, to allow the leather to be slightly more pliable one should dip it in water three or four times to soften it so it is easier to work with. Once one has the leather soft enough to fit onto the stamper one would insert a thin metal circle for greater structural integrity. Then one would place a temporary plastic cover and a lid to ensure an even spread of pressure across the brim. One now would stuff the edges of the leather inside before the pressing to imprint the design the fire station has asked for.

Now one would sew the skull piece to the brim piece and remove the excess leather at the base of the skull and cuts out the center of the brim. One would now remove the...
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