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9.13 Interim Report:
This report offers a basic theory of process mapping in different factors, which has an influence on the service operation management. A basic definition is mentioned to recognize its utilization in the business operation with explain the tools that used to map a process. Various advantages of process mapping are discussed as well. The way of mapping a process in three levels is included to specify the activities in the operation. With a well created process mapping, there are more implementations in different industries, such as manufacturing industry. Severn wastes could be well developed based on the process map to improve the service efficiency.


Definition of Process Mapping:1
Advantages of Process Mapping:1
Different Levels of Process Mapping1
Implications and Analysis of Process Mapping2
Disadvantages of Process Mapping2

It is usually that some processes in service operation management are not sufficiently well defined or described. This could results in the processes are interpreted into different ways, which make confusion and restricting improvement. Therefore, it is necessary to have some recorded visual description of a process. The most effective way could be process mapping. It also connects the business strategy, and plays an important role of to implementing the strategy, as shown in Appendix on Page 4-6. (Charles G. Cobb, 2005, p.3) The theory of process mapping from various aspects will be discussed in details in this report. Definition of Process Mapping

Process Mapping is a business management technique which involves a service process, is converted into a visual depiction, about how it relates to the activities, to improve the result of a business. A number of mapping tools are included to describe the process from the beginning to the end in different types and each of them represents different action within a process. (Slack, N et al, 2010, p.97) They are defined in different shapes and each of them might have more than one meaning. More specific symbols with the explanation can be seen in Appendix on Page 5 that displays with name and descriptions. (Damelio, R, 2011, p.137) Advantages of Process Mapping:

In the enterprise, process mapping provides a much easier understanding way to those shareholders and participants within the process. It obviously shows the interrelationship among processes and the inefficiencies become more apparently. The common problems that happened during the process design have been shown in Appendix on Page 8, it is essential to identify how many problems might be included before mapping the process. (Charles G. Cobb, 2005, p.19) With the appropriate mapping the working process and analysing the result, the potential factors that result in the more expenses and delays would be disclosed. Disadvantages of Process Mapping

Nevertheless, the collected data might be inaccurate. Employees are usually contributed to the data collection as they have close relations with the working processes. Nevertheless, the data might not represent the actual process because of some employees’ dissatisfaction or impatience. (Anne, F, Marrelli, 2005, p.43) Different Levels of Process Mapping

Due to the large process of some organization, process mapping comes to be complex at this level of detail. Thus the high-level process mapping, also called Macro level process is used to map the processes at a more aggregated level. (Slack, N et al, 2006, p.141) It is the highest level in the processes and provides an overview of the whole completed activity. This kind of flowchart has the following advantages: * The main elements of the processes can be defined obviously. * It defines the scope of the whole processes.

However, this macro flowchart could not recognize the detailed problems. (Madison, D, 2005, p.22-25) Thus the more specific...
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