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  • Published : August 30, 2011
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In order to compete in today’s challenging environment, the organization needs well-designed and well-executed work processes and understand of the importance of continuously improving as well as the customer needs and expectations. Economic growth has increased that led to the improvement in the lives of people so that it requires the products and services are given out with the better quality to meet the customer requirements. However, the service quality of the organization does not come from just the quality criteria that it comes up with. It is dependent on the level of satisfying the expectations of the customer and smarter designs and more effective process that lower cost and ultimately raise profits. Thus, like three other departments, furnishing department is also designed with its own characteristics and layout strategies aiming to satisfy the customer needs and strive for excellence in performance. In order to do that, the process management of furnishing department focuses on conformance to customers’ expectations. In fact, customers today are the judge of quality because they are very intelligent to recognize the quality issues of a business. Therefore, understanding and fulfilling the needs and expectations of customers is the key to success for the business. It means that the business needs to identify what the customer expects relating to its products and services. From the understanding of the customer expectations, the business converts them into the requirements. Based on these requirements, the business comes up with the right improvements on its product and services through the right process management that is depicted as follows: Resources





to expectations

Customer expectations
According to Evans J.R (2008), most managers agree that the main reason to pursue quality is to satisfy customers. To do that, the organization needs to understand...
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