Process Improvement Methods and Proposal

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  • Published : July 22, 2011
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Process Improvement Methods and Proposal
December 12, 2009
Process Improvement Methods and Proposal for Middletown Hospital
The CEO of Middletown hospital has been receiving complaints of long wait times and poor service in the Emergency Department at certain hours of the day. To resolve this problem a Six Sigma Team has been authorized to find the root causes of the problems and give improvement recommendations.

The purpose of process improvement proposal
Improvement means an increase in value or betterment of condition or quality. “It takes a process-oriented mindset to maintain day-today operations while seeking opportunities for betterment” (Langabeer, 2008, p. 75). The process improvement proposal plays an integral role in finding and correcting problem areas in an organization’s performance. It helps to match operational problems with the right tools and techniques to solve them and improve the efficiency of the organization. The purpose of this process improvement proposal is to find solution for optimizing patient flow and reducing waiting time in the Emergency Department (ED). It will help management to eliminate the bottleneck through aligning the ED’s resources and capacity with patient volume. Thus the ED will be able to meet the demand and improve bed availability for the patients at peak times. The process improvement method to identify the bottleneck and improve one aspect of the current process performance. Method is a procedure of doing something in accordance with a definite plan and provides directions, structure, and metrics for measurement. It also helps to prioritize efforts, reduce errors and simplify the process. The method to identify the bottleneck and improve current process performance of the ED in Middletown Hospital will be Six Sigma. The focus of this method is on standard deviation that causes volatility and variability of outcomes (Langabeer, 2008, p. 88). The bottleneck of the ED is the long wait...
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