Process for a Felony Criminal Charge Filed in a State Court

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Prison Pages: 6 (2298 words) Published: July 23, 2012
The death penalty.

The death penalty.

The ultimate punishment for a crime is and should be the death penalty. With many views to cover and different types of view, this paper will be about pro death penalty. There is one point I will cover that will be against the death penalty, and that will be executing an innocent person, the rest will be cost to have inmates in jail and how incarceration does not rehabilitated inmates. Life or death is a very important decision that cannot be taken lightly.

The reason I am pro death penalty is because back in time there were not so many crimes committed and the reason was because they will make them pay. Now they have too many rights, privileges and they know that by making a deal with the prosecution they can get a deal. Also too many states have revoked the death penalty and this shows them that no matter what the crime might be they will not be punish, also waiting too long for the trial to start and be completed, then letting them fight back and re-trial is a lot of time and money that is wasted, from housing the inmate, court cost, attorneys and much more that is involved. Then there is the other side, the family if the person is low income and was the main house hold provider, the family will then apply and could get food stamps and Medicaid or CHIP for the children, this is also tax payers’ money. There was a time, when the law was, eye for an eye, and I believe that is exactly what we should continue to do. The world has change so much and mostly it is because too much consideration has been given to the ones that do not deserve it. You have to earn the respect and trust from others by doing good and not expect to be treated good if you did not commit a good action. In the article under Texas Department of Criminal Justice, it shows that from 1923 to 1973, 506 inmates were executed and 3 of them were woman. The youngest was black teenagers that was 17 years old at the time of the execution in October 5th, 1947 and was convicted of murder. Now this will not happen, a child or young adult is not treated the same as one over the age of 18, even if they are mentally mature and where capable of committing the crime. It also shows that in those 50 years eleven of the inmates in death row died of natural causes. One of them was a man name Danny Dean Thomas who died at age 54 after being in death row for 27 years and still did not have an execution date. He was detained at age 26 for the murder of a woman in her house and then throwing the body in a lake. This shows how back in the day the person was accused and prosecuted for the crime they committed, not taken in consideration age, mental state or any other rights they now give the criminal to avoid being responsible for the crime committed.

The execution of an innocent person.
A very important point that has to be taken in consideration in the death penalty is the possibility of an innocent person being executed. Here there is no margin for error, since there is no way to go back or apologize to the family. This is why the inmates stay in death row for many years, the trial has to be fair, provide all the evidence and be no reasonable doubt that the person being convicted is guilty of the crime he/she is being accused off. DNA is a process that was not available a few years back and has in the last years being able to free some innocent inmates as well as to prosecute someone that did commit the crime. As stated in the New Jersey Law Journal, “Unfortunately, DNA is not a fix-all. It only frees the innocent when physical evidence is available and it is not all the time. The same types of errors - mistaken eyewitness testimony, perjured testimony, authority misconduct - exist in the myriad of cases of wrongful convictions for which DNA cannot be used.” (The Risk of Executing the Innocent, 2002) This is a very good reason to oppose to the death penalty, it can be very tragic to execute an innocent person and as stated in...
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