Process Flowchart

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Flowchart Design for a Process
A flowchart is a number of operations that are followed in a process. Most flowcharts show different pathways or approaches that may be taken to achieve the end goal in a more productive way. In this paper the process will be for driving home from South Austin to North Austin in rush hour traffic.

The process design chosen for this was cause and effect in a simple flow chart. The individual driving home must choose the best route to get from their work in South Austin to their home in North Austin. There are two different highways that can be taken to achieve this goal. The first is a direct route through downtown Austin that is 16.3 miles. The Second option goes around downtown Austin and is 19.19 miles total to have the individual return home.

The metric used in this scenario will be time. Time is important to the individual using the process because they have school and family obligations to complete after business hours and the sooner that they get home the more time they have to accomplish these tasks. In this scenario the individual doing the driving lives in North Austin and works in south Austin. The individual took one whole week of data driving from south Austin to their home in north Austin and found during rush hour traffic the average time to go 16.3 miles was 1 hour and 45 minutes. The second week the individual took the alternate route each week and noted that the average time it took to get home the 19.19 miles was 45 minutes.

The decision that the individual made was that instead of driving the direct route that they would take the longer route around the downtown area and save them one hour of time to spend with their family and doing other processes such as school. The cause of the time metric was the long wait time in the shorter route; the effect was taking a longer route with less time consumed in driving home.

The process flowchart shows...
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