Process Flowchart

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Process Flowchart, Driving to Work
Understanding processes and the various decision points provide a structured framework to measure efficiency. Processes include many factors, from direct decision points to external influences that affect the outcome. Additional, processes often have a service component, which influences the decision points. Process – Driving to Work

Each workday, I must drive to work. During that commute, most days I must also make sure my daughter gets to school. On days that my husband takes her to school, I must choose a route to take. Flowchart

I usually take my daughter to school. One day a week, she has breakfast with her father and he takes her to school. When I take her to school, I am providing my daughter, the “customer,” a service. Taking a 2 ½ year old to school in the morning requires a good amount of attention, much like a service industry’s high-contact system and she “can affect the time of demand, the exact nature of the service,” (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006, p. 267). I am fortunate that she does not have to be there at a specific time, but do try to have her there by 6:45 a.m., so I can reach work before 7 a.m.. Factors Affecting Process Design

Drive time and mileage are both factors in deciding what the most efficient route is. Driving from my house, to Hobbit Hill Too, then to Beaufort Memorial Hospital (BMH) is 8.57 miles and in theory should take 17 minutes (Mapquest, n.d.). Going straight from my house to BMH traveling over the McTier Bridge is 8.42 miles and should also take 17 minutes while traveling over the Woods Bridge is 7.66 miles yet takes 19 minutes (Mapquest, n.d.). The Hobbit Hill Too and McTier route consist of only right hand turns whereas the Woods route has mostly left hand turns, which add drive time to the route because of traffic flow. Based on drive time, the McTier route is more efficient, but the Woods route is more picturesque, taking me through downtown Beaufort past...
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