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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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How to make Venezuelans Hallacas for Christmas
Venezuelans Christmas, the best holiday to celebrate with delicious hallaca. For all Venezuelans the hallaca is the most important plate serve in Christmas, families has the costume of organize parties just for make the hallacas, each family has a different way to make the hallacas. However, the main ingredients are always the same. December, the most significant holiday in the year need to be the partner of a big and delicious dinner. In my case, the best way to feel that Christmas is here is to be eating my hallaca on December 24 with all my family at my home. The hallaca is the main Venezuelan Christmas dinner dish. The slaves created it during the colony times. They put the left-overs of their master's Christmas festivities in a bit of cornmeal dough, wrapped this with banana leaves and cooked to mix the flavors. The original hallaca is made with meat (pork, poultry, beef, lard, crisp pork rind, etc) and boiled eggs. It requires hours of preparation, but the whole family usually prepares it. Its preparation is a celebration by itself. Music and drinks make up the festive atmosphere. Plantain leaves are first smoked to make them easy to manipulate.  They need to be cleaned to remove any trace of the smoking process.  For the ‘Hallacas’ one needs three different cuts of leaves.  The first is the base, the second one should be the same size or larger than the base and the third one is the ‘faja’ (belt), which is thin and helps to tie the leaves together.   When folding the ‘hallaca’ make sure to follow the vein of the leaf in order to avoid it from cracking open. The dough is made with white corn flour (Harina PAN), the broth from the hens used for the (hen, beef, pork), and ‘onoto’ (annatto) seeds heated up in vegetable lard to release the red and orange color.  The dough will be ready when it has an intense orange color and it is shinny Once dough has rested, proceed to make 6-7 oz balls. In a small bowls, the...
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