Process Essay - Becoming a Rockstar

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Work your way to success by being a Rock Star

Rock music has been around for decades and is known to be a very loud, outgoing, and energetic genre of music. Many people enjoy rock music and even look up to rock musicians as their role models. The reason for this may be because rock stars have such fun life styles. Whether they are famous or not, the majority of them seem to always have talent, attractive instruments, groupies, fame, interesting hair and clothing, parties, romance, and most of all self-confidence. Before they became a star, they we’re probably ordinary people just like you and me until they picked up an instrument and followed their dreams. If you are passionate about music, want an exciting life, and are an ambitious person, you too can transform yourself into a rock star by following these steps. 1. Decide what type of music you want to play

Keep in mind that there are many sub-genres of rock music whether it is soft rock, hard rock, or heavy metal. You have to enjoy at least one of these genres and it is important to know your type of music and its background. Try browsing around the Internet. Listen to different bands music and learn about who they are and how they got famous. Then, choose your favorite. You can use their music as your inspiration or your “guide”. 2. Learn to play an instrument

The key to being a rock star is being able to play an instrument or sing. Choose the instrument that you are most attracted to. Go to a local music store and ask if they know anyone who gives lessons. Be sure to practice your instrument daily. Remember that practice makes perfect. The better you play, the more people will notice you. 3. Create a band

Choose good band mates by posting ads in music stores or over the Internet. You’ll need a full band. Who you choose to be in your band is vital to your success. Pick people who are dedicated and who want it as badly as you do. If your band mates aren’t on board like you are, it'll be hard to make...
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