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  • Published : February 24, 2012
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“How to be a responsible dog owner”
Owning a dog is a big responsibility not a privilege. Good owners cannot be labeled as good just because they do one little something. It is because they love their dogs, and do the best they can for them to make their lives better. Dogs depend on us for food and shelter, so if you are considering buying a dog, first you need to think about the commitment that dog ownership takes. If you already have a dog think if you are doing the entire obligation as an owner. You will need to take care of the dog, because they cannot take care of themselves. You need to treat the dog like a family member. Let them live indoors in winter time, so they could be warm and safe. Always keep an ID tag on the dog with your name, address, and phone number at all times, for in case that it gets lost. When the dog is outdoors keep them in the backyard for safety and make sure it has water and food. Also make sure that the door in the backyard is close, so the dog won’t escape. Don’t keep the dog or dogs outside when you are not home, because they can escape, get hurt, or hurt someone else. During summer if you’re not home for more than two days leave your dog with a neighbor or a friend of yours. Also, do not be rough or teach the dog to be aggressive. When taking the dog in the car never leave them in the car by themselves with the windows up. They could die from the heat. It is also important bath your dog in hot days, so they could be fresh. Make sure that you use a dog shampoo, not a product made for people. You have to train the dog so it could be good in the house and good with people as well. To help you train your dog you will have to read books about dog training, or you’ll have to talk to an expert dog trainer. They need to be train so they could have good behavior. If you don’t have time to train him you could get a personal trainer for your dog. You need to exercise your dog every day. They need to work off their energy just like...