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  • Published : May 4, 2011
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I can be talented in anything that I put my mind to, but one thing that I really enjoy and take pride in doing is cooking. I enjoy cooking because I can explore and be creative, using different seasonings and marinades for different meats. I can create new things from something that was so simple. For example, spaghetti, a simple meal that would take about twenty minutes to cook. When I make spaghetti I like to explore with different seasonings as far as whole garlic, green peppers, yellow peppers, orange peppers, meat that has been marinated with oregano, pepper, and cut up onions. I sauté boneless chicken breast for a side sprinkled with lemon juice, and last but not least homemade garlic bread with cut up garlic cloves ,mozzarella cheese with a splash of cheddar cheese layered on top of french bread. This is why I enjoy cooking because I can make up my own thing which gives food a touch of my personality. I didn’t just learn how to cook overnight. Cooking took some time and close paying attention to my parents. Cooking with my parents is like the best of both worlds. My father is a creative cook. My fathers would combined foods together that you would never think of and make it taste so delicious. He mixes and matches seasonings, to make his own special herbs. He also watches a lot of Emeril, which is a famous TV show male cook to incorporate his ideas into his meal. Now for my mother she is more detailed and precise. She also holds recipes from past generations of women in my family who created meals from scratch. She as well can make things from scratch, or even know how to substitute things that are needed to complete a meal for something else. My mother is very precise with measurements and knowing what and what not to do when it comes to meats. For example when it come to defrosting food you should never defrost your chicken in hot water because it will cook as it is defrosting, or fish never put too much salt on fish because...
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