Process Essay

Topics: Rake, Lawn mower, Lawn Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: February 9, 2011
A Process Essay
Raking My Three Acre Yard

I raked up Mount Grassmore, a mountain of grass clippings that will be decomposing in my backyard for the next twenty years. In the beginning of summer, our lawnmower broke, so my husband took it to the repair shop to be repaired. But, by the time the mower was fixed the grass had grown out of control, like a jungle. The chore of raking up all the mow clippings seemed almost impossible for one person. Raking a three acre yard is a repetitious and strenuous process. But, it had to be done I did not want my grass to turn brown and hard.

First, I created a plan to collect the grass and made a list of the necessary supplies for raking a large yard. My plan was to first rake each mowed line into two piles making an almost checkered board appearance. After that is completed, I will use the wheelbarrow to collect the small piles of grass starting at the furthest point away from the compost pile and work inward towards the compost pile. So, I will not have to rake the areas again that had already been cleared of grass. The yard is pretty uneven and bumpy and, I do not want any clumps of grass to fall out of the wheelbarrow but, if it does it will fall into an area that has not been cleared yet. Collecting the grass in this way will ensure the most efficient use of my time. After my plan was created, I went into the garage to get the wheelbarrow, a rake, and I found an old set of my husbands’ gloves to help protect my hands against the repetitious movement.

Next, it was time for me to stop stalling and actually start raking. I grabbed the gloves and put them on and then scooped up the rake and started to rake the lines into piles. Then, I realized that the grass was wet which made it extra heavy and a more strenuous to fling into piles. I just kept raking line by line and after awhile I started to see some progress the grass piles started to look like big mole holes in the distance. But, by this time my...
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