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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Randy Ross
ENL 095 sec 101
Process Essay

How do you condition your body to play a specific sport? There are many ways to condition your body to play a specific sport. In basketball you will have to get in shape by running, exercise, and drink a lot of water. In baseball you will have to do some of the exact same things, such as run, drink a lot of water, and learn how to swing a baseball bat. In football you will have to lift weights, run, and drink a lot of water.

Basketball is a very physically demanding sport. To be able to play this sport, you must be in the best physical shape possible and to do this you must condition your body for the stress you will put it under. First, you will have to learn how to do an exercise called suicides. To do this you will start at one end of the court where the goals are located. You will be running the length of the court rather than the width. It doesn’t matter where you start. You can start at any point along this line. Next, run to the free throw line, and touch this line. Sprint back to the baseline, then to the half court line. Touch this line as well before returning to the baseline you started from. After you complete the suicides then you will go to the next training and that is how to shoot a ball, then you will learn plays, and when that is all finish you are ready to play basketball.

Baseball strength and conditioning programs are designed to improve the strength of the entire body (lower body, trunk, upper body). The forces involved in hitting and throwing are generated primarily in the legs and hips and transferred through the trunk, into the arms and hands where they are applied to the bat and ball. A breakdown in strength in any of these areas will lead to decreased performance and possibly injury. One aspect of conditioning that must play a vital role in your training regimen is an extremely strong emphasis on training the “core” of your body. The “core” is an all-encompassing term for the...
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