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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Samantha Lester
ENG 095 sec 203
Process essay

You get off work at five in the evening, walk through your front door and you hear it − the sounds of home, children fighting, the TV blaring, and the dog barking. You think to yourself it is so good to be home; however, twenty minutes goes by and you’re already wishing you were back at the office. Through this proven process you will learn to relax, enjoy the sounds of your loved ones and keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed. Mommy-time is sure to help you in so many ways; therefor, just follow these steps and you can start truly enjoying life. To start off you will need to schedule two dates a month, one for date night and the other one for girls’ night. It is very important to schedule these two dates at the beginning of the month so you have them to look forward to. Scheduling does make a difference. Now remember on date night that it is all about you and your hubby. Go see a movie and get a bite to eat, or just go for a walk and get a coffee, but you have to focus on the two of you as a couple, not as a family. On to girls’ night, this is not a night of being out on the town; it is an opportunity to catch up with some friends or to hang out with Mom. Relaxation is the trick. Do not misunderstand, you and your pals can go out for a drink and talk, but remember the more chaos you bring into your life, the more chaos you will have. This time is all about you and reconnecting with people as a person, not as a mom or a wife, but you. Next, you will need at least two, if not three, nights a week to schedule one hour for yourself. Now this can be after the kids are in bed or after dinner has been served, but it has to be one hour. Once you have scheduled the first night, you will need to go to a store and buy just a few things. You will need some candles and bath salts, possibly even some scented oils. When your hour starts, you lock yourself in the bathroom and turn on the bath water, pour in some bath salts...