Process Documentation: Creating a Flowchart for PI Badge Manufacturing

Topics: Flowchart, Understanding, Perception Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Assignment #3: Process Documentation
In this reflection paper I will be reflecting on the process documentation assignment that involved creating a flowchart for the PI Badge Manufacturing Company (PIBMC). I personally have created a flowchart for the revenues and cash receipts part of the company and have reviewed two other flowcharts representing manufacturing and purchases. The two main points of this reflection paper will be describing how creating the diagrams altered my perceptions of a business and accounting for the business and I will also explain any differences in mindset in preparing versus reviewing flowcharts. I will start with the first important point.

By creating the diagrams, my perceptions of a business and accounting have been altered in many ways. One of the ways my perception of accounting have been altered is it helped me understand what process is going after a certain process. For example, after the purchase order (PO) has been accepted, it will be prepared on electronic invoice/picking list. After electronic invoice have been created, one copy goes to the accounting department and another copy goes to a customer, which makes perfect sense. The one part that I missed originally is the picking list, which supposed to go to the warehouse from the sales department. But, the way I had it set up was that picking slip was send to the warehouse from the accounting department, which is not accurate. The reason it is not accurate is because the customer would be billed first, and only after that receive the product. It is also will take the process twice as long to carry out the transactions, because the warehouse would have to wait for the accounting department to get done. My perception of business was also altered. For example, I can now see that as a manager I could use a flowchart to assign duties to employees and employees will have a clear understanding of the reporting structure in an organization. This was the eye opening moment for...
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