Process Analysis Skills

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Process Analysis Skills Final Draft
April 19, 2010

Throughout the years my family and I have shared many special traditions. One in particular that is very special to us is a dish we generally make in any major holiday or family function. It is a dish from my parent’s hometown of San Luis Potosi, Mexico called “Enchiladas Del Sur”. Enchiladas Del Sur meaning Enchiladas from the South, has been in our family for generations. Many years ago my grandmother taught it to my mother and her sisters, my mother then passed the recipe to me, and one day I hope to pass it to my daughter as well. Enchiladas Del Sur has never disappointed anyone who has tried them. They hold a special place in our hearts because of the fond memories and because my parent’s native town is where these particular enchiladas originated from. Gathering all the necessary ingredients that are needed when preparing this special dish is special in itself. It has always been the responsibility of everyone in the family to bring one of the necessary ingredients that will be used. Since these enchiladas are made in different houses throughout the year, it is the responsibility of the host to assign the needed ingredients to everyone. Many of the ingredients to make this special dish can be found in the Mexican food isle in most super markets. One of the ingredients that is essential is 3 lbs. of prepared dough for corn tortillas. Also a couple of bags of red California chilies, sea salt, onions, garlic, cumin, pepper, tomato, oregano, and jalapenos, but the kind that comes in vinegar. Queso Fresco which is chesse made from skim milk, potatoes, cabbage, beans, oil, chorizo, and finally a pack of chicken drum sticks to finalize the ingredients. Once we have gathered all the needed ingredients we are ready to move on to the preparation, in order to cook everything. First we start by washing the chilies and taking off the stem, followed by removing the seeds from the inside. My...
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