Process Analysis- How to Properly Maintain a Pc

Topics: Microsoft Windows, Operating system, Graphical user interface Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: June 28, 2010
Karen Lesmerises
EN 130 Eng. Comp
Assignment 2 Process Analysis
June 23, 2010
How to Properly Maintain a Personal Computer
The proper maintenance of a Personal Computer is very important to all users of the computer. A computer is a machine and like all machines need to be properly cared for and taken care of. There are maintenance steps that you can do that costs nothing but your time and then there are programs that you can purchase to get the job done. I am going to talk about those that cost you nothing and can be done at your home /office. Most personal computers are capable with the right knowledgeable user to carry out these tasks with no additional cost to the user. If you want to have less headaches and frustrations using the computer there are a few tasks you should do to ensure smooth browsing or web surfing on your computer. A properly maintained personal computer makes using it easier to navigate and increases your computers longevity over one that has never been cared for. This guide will teach you how to defragment and mange your disk directories for a Personal Computer operating Windows XP or Windows Vista. This guide is not intended for use with Apple computers. One of the first things you need to do on either of the Windows Operating systems is to turn the computer on. You will need to power up the computer by pressing the power button on the lower left hand side of the screen. The computer for the task of defragmenting does not need to be connected to the internet.. You will need to click on the start button in the lower left hand side of the computer screen. Proceed to click on all Programs/ All programs, secondly proceed to look for the Accessories file. When you find that file left click on it, you will then look for a file titled system tools left click on that file to open it up. Inside the systems tools folder locate the Disk Defragmenter program. A menu will pop up when you select Disk Defragment- it will...
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