Process Analysis: How To Get rid of a Roommate: Without Committing a Crime

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  • Published : November 21, 2013
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How to Get Rid of a Roommate – Without Committing a Crime
I came home exhausted from school and work and I just wanted to drop my bag on the ground and slump into bed. I stepped into my room and flipped on the lights; to my astonishment there was Cynthia & a boy- in MY bed. “Cynthia!!” I snapped. She slowly opened her groggy eyes, as she gained awareness of the situation. “What are you doing? Why are you in my bed?” Her reply forced me to hold back the incredible hulk that’s lies within me.

“Well… funny story” she said in a giggly way. “You see... my boyfriend was over, and we broke my bed, so we had to use yours, but I laid out blankets for you to sleep on the couch.” Just as I was about to say how disgusting that was, she interrupted me. “Oh and by the way, drake and I got bored so we read your journal… it's got some juicy stuff in there.” Cynthia said as her and Drake snickered. I stared blankly… I was in shock that a person could be so impolite and intrusive. “What would a normal human being do in this situation?” I had to devise a plan to exterminate her or I would go psychotic and end up in a mental institute. But how could I complete my mission without committing an inadmissible, horrific crime?

That was the night that I didn’t get any sleep. I stayed up devising my plan. I was going eradicate this girl for good. I attained that the only way I could, was to beat her at her own game. I couldn’t be the one to surrender, and buckle under. I would get her to leave in just a week. In order to do this I would have to be even more rude and annoying than Cynthia. I would have to drive her crazier than she drove me. My plan was simple; I made a checklist of the most annoying things ever. All I had to do was complete the list.

The first half of the week I would keep things on the qt, and do things that would push her buttons. It started on Monday; I woke up earlier than Cynthia and stayed in the bathroom until 10 minutes before she had to be at class....
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