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Topics: Dentistry, Oral and maxillofacial surgery, American Dental Association Pages: 3 (571 words) Published: February 1, 2011
Becoming a dental doctor
This analysis is designed for possible pre-dental candidates with no prior knowledge of dental education.


The purpose of this analysis is to inform possible pre-dental candidates with the proper knowledge of dental education as whole. Dental education is the training, education, and qualifications acquired by dental candidate in order, to make the transition to a practicing dental doctor under the state in which he or she is licensed.


Dental education is consists of a pre dental phase and a post dental phase. The pre dental phase prepares candidates for advanced courses in the field of dentistry. Post dental works prepares candidates for practice in the field. To conclude the training candidates must pass a licensing examination for the state they wish to work in.


Before enrolling in pre dental education, possible candidates should read, advise, and ascertain their selves thoroughly that dentistry is indeed the vocation of choice.


Any student in high school or any two-year college in any city, state within the U.S barriers can conduct this process.


Dental education is divided into three major steps:

Figure 1. Steps in the process of becoming a dental doctor.

Analysis of steps

The first step, acquiring a pre dental education, requires the candidate to find out what criteria need to be met in accordance to the school. The candidate should know the following information. 1. The core class required as part of the criteria

2. The minimum grade point average needed to graduate
3. The DAT (Dental Admission Test) preparation classes offered by the institution Although in certain dental schools, a bachelor’s degree is not required candidates should seek it regardless. Certain schools only require two years of pre-dental education. Pre-dental education varies in its curriculum. However, the core studies are usually...
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