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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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The Secret

This essay will provide three effective ways to stay alert and awake during a lecture. The methods are simple and easy to maintain. A person can count ceiling tiles to keep the mind and eyes focused on something while allowing the ears to freely hear the lecture given. A different way to stay occupied includes the practice of sketching effortless things in order to keep the mind focused on the lecture. The last and most effective way is to speak quietly. This essay will discuss, in detail, how to accomplish these tasks: counting ceiling tiles, sketching, and talking to oneself.

First off, a way to evade falling asleep in class involves counting ceiling tiles. If a person starts dozing off in the middle of a lecture, said person could look up at the ceiling and begin counting the tiles above them. One can try deciphering the different shapes and sizes of the ceiling tiles. Also, one can even divide them into different shapes and count them that way. This demonstrates a successful process for keeping awake and alert during any given lecture or tedious task a person must handle. Sometimes people find things such as this as difficult to accomplish even the most necessary tasks to accomplish at times. This proves to form a successful technique to prevent people from failing.

Moreover, sketching helps when trying to keep oneself from drifting into a perpetual slumber during an important class or lecture. First, one must select the perfect color of ink needed to provide the ideal sketching experience and the desired fluidity of movement. This task allows a person to successfully hear the lecture being spoken and keep the mind from drifting off into unconsciousness. Second, one will need the proper paper to exercise sketching skills. Many different grades of paper are available. These range from notebook and copy paper to construction paper and card stock. Lastly, one needs the proper surface that will provide a smooth drawing...