Process Analysis-Becoming Fit and Healthy

Topics: Nutrition, Human body, Human Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Name: Aleksandar Garlanov

Becoming fit and healthy
Life is the most precious gift given to humanity and every single person should appreciate it and make efforts to preserve it. Each one of us chooses to live his life by his own beliefs and has a different approach to it. Some people think recklessly and consider it unimportant to take care for their health and overall condition, others do. However, there are certain steps which can help to achieve the perfect body, perfect health and with this the perfect mind condition – the essential factors to living a fulfilling life. Becoming fit and healthy is a complex process which requires self-discipline, responsibility, readiness for a lot of effort and time. A person who wants to reach the desired result through the process, must follow these steps: create a sleeping regime, start eating correctly, do a lot of exercises. Each one of the steps is crucial for the successful execution of the process. Undoubtedly, creating a sleeping regime is a tough thing, especially in a dynamic life, full of obligations and in a constantly changing environment. Yet, without fixed sleeping hours the human body cannot recover completely and cannot gain the energy needed for normal functioning. In order to feel powerful, comfortable and ready to work hard, people should get at least seven hours of sleep. “Eating correctly” is a very objective concept because different bodies require different kinds of food. There are specific tests which can be made to show the lack of certain vitamins or other substances in a certain organism. People should not rush when they eat, chew their food long enough and eat a smaller quantity but more often. Alcohol and junk food should be avoided. Foods containing a lot of protein, less fat and sugar are appropriate for the human well-being. The most time-consuming step of the process is doing exercises. Basically, all kinds of...
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