Procedure of Credit Sanction, Approval and Analysis at Prime Bank Limited Bangladesh

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Bank is a most impotent financial institution of a country. Generally we can say that the word “Bank” is the financial institution that deals with money. According to Imperial Dictionary: A bank is an establishment which trades in money, an establishment for deposit, custody and issue of money and also for granting loans and discounting bills facilitating transmission of remittance from one place to another. Bank plays an important role in the business sectors and in the industrialization of a country. In our country there are many Govt. Commercial Banks, Private Commercial Banks and Foreign Commercial Banks operating their businesses. Prime Bank Limited is a third generation private bank in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Banking is one of the most important sectors. Economy and finance plays an important role. In the process of forming a good economic system in Bangladesh Private Banks has an important role for developing our countries. So for the development of country economic and commercial banks and government banks are playing a vital role in the country. For this reason I prepared my internship report on Prime Bank Limited.


As part of the internship program of BBA course requirement, I was assigned for doing my internship in the Prime Bank Ltd as an intern by the internship Placement division of NUB, Dhanmondi campus Dhaka. In PBL I was assigned in the Credit department of the Shimrail Branch, siddirgonj, Narayangonj and my organizational supervisor was Mr. Satyajit Saha, Executive Officer & Manager Operation. My report was loam activities of Shimrail Branch in Prime Bank Limited, Which was assigned by the HRD of the PBL and my supervisor Mr. Masum Billah, Faculty of NUB, also approved the topic and authorized me to prepare this report of the fulfillment of internship requirement.

1.3 Rational of the Study
Theoretical knowledge is not enough for the student. There is a gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. Internship helps us to know the practical knowledge. Another purpose that may be is to know about the rules, regulation and environment of an organization before getting a job. Such experience may facilitate a student to have a better job

1.4 Objective of the Study
Broad objective:
To know the Credit Department Activities of Prime Bank Limited of Shimrail Branch.

Specific objectives:

• To know about loan disbursement.
• To know loan Recovery.
• To know SOD loan.
• To know the features of the PBL.
• To see the Performance analysis.
• To find out the credit appraisal and credit management practice by Prime Bank Limited. • Analysis and comparison of credit appraisal and management with that of standard. • Developing a generalize formula to calculate the cost of credit management. • To give some suggestion to overcome the weakness and problems that exists in the existing system. 1.5 Scope of the Report

The study would focus on the following areas of Prime Bank Limited. ▪ Loan disbursement system of Prime Bank Limited.
▪ Procedure for getting different credit facilities.
▪ Portfolio (of Loan or advances) management of Prime Bank Limited.

Each of the above areas would be critically analyzed in order to determine the efficiency of PBL’s Credit appraisal and Management system.

1.6 Methodology
This report has been prepared on the basis of experience gathered during the period of internship. I have collected data from primary and secondary sources. For preparing the report, I have also got the information from annual report and website of the Prime Bank Ltd at Shimrail Branch, Narayangonj. I have presented my experience and finding by using different chart and tables in the analysis part.

The study will be conducted on Credit Department Activities at Shimrail Branch. Therefore for the purpose of the study customers of credit department in Shimrai Branch of Prime...
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