Procedure for Supplier Evaluation

Topics: Food, Food safety, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Pages: 4 (1085 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Procedure for supplier evaluation
The company shall do business only with suppliers that provide high quality safe food ingredients/products. Purpose:
This procedure outlines criteria for selecting and evaluating appropriate suppliers that have the capability and systems to supply products, materials, and services which are match with the company’s specified requirements, as well as meet relevant statutory/regulatory requirements. Scope:

The procedure applies to all vendors of products, materials, and services that may affect the safety of company’s food products. Responsibility:
Purchasing department
Finance department
Food safety team leader and food safety team
QA Executive
Procedure: is detailed below
1.0 Approved vendor list
1.1 The food safety team leader shall maintain an ASL-QA-00.21 Approved supplier list, identifying suppliers who have demonstrated the capability of meeting the company’s quality and food safety requirements. 1.2 The Approved supplier list shall be organized by product. 1.3 In addition to the product or service identification, ASL-QA-00.21 the should include, at a minimum: I. Vendor name;

II. Item Name
III. Vendor contact information;
IV. Vendor Class:
1.3 To be listed as an approved vendor, a candidate must provide certain assurances of capability, depending on the nature and seriousness if the potential risks its products or services pose to the quality and safety of the company’s products. 2.0 Vendor classification and requirements

3.1 Vendor shall be classified according to the potential risk their products pose to the safety of the company’s products; A. Class 1:
Vendor’s product affects food safety (e.g., raw materials, processing equipment, monitoring/measuring equipment, software). Unless already certified to ISO 22000, Class 1 vendors shall require a second party audit by a food safety team to the ISO 22000 standard. In the cause of the audit, the vendor...
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