Topics: Crime, Criminology, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: December 22, 2012
A 6 year old girl’s body remains still forever. A twelve year old boy is given a life sentence. So who is to blame for his behavior? The media? Could it have been a sociological factor? Possibly a trait theory or a choice theory? As stated by, Perron, (n.d.), “The first goal is referred to as the crime control model and was developed by Herbert Packer and presented to the academic world in his analysis of the criminal justice system in the 1960’s.” (Para. 3) These two competing systems of values operate within one criminal justice system. The tension between the two accounts for the conflict and disharmony that now is observable in the criminal justice system. Is a life sentence justice for 12 year old Lionel Tate?

Lionel Tate a boy that suffered from depression and loneliness. Living with his mother and traveling to Mississippi to see his father. Lionel had serious problems in school due to his unstableness at home.

KEOUGH (2001), “He was written up for "disrupting the class, making noises, disruptive behavior in the hallway, disruptive behavior in the bathroom," Smyth said.”And when I say disruptive, I don't mean violent-type disruptive. I mean anything he could think of doing to start something - even if in the cafeteria flicking the corn kernel at someone.”(2).

Apparently it is to no surprise that Lionel Tate had a history of misbehaving in elementary school. Using Lionel’s story as an example we can conclude that several factors came into play.

Schmalleger, F. (2011) “Moreover, when we consider the wide range of behaviors regarded as criminal—from murder to drug use to white-collar crime—it is difficult to imagine a theory that can explain them all. For our purposes, explanations of criminal behavior fall into eight general categories: Classical, biological, psychobiological, psychological, sociological, social process, conflict and emergent.” (P. 79.)...
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