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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Brittany Perry
Prof Deb
14 February 2013
Making A Pizza King Royal Feast Pizza
Everyone knows Pizza King pizza is the best pizza in Indiana, but making a pizza at Pizza King may be a little tough at first. There are multiple steps for the correct way to make a pizza at Pizza King. Most people think you just have to put the sauce on it and throw some toppings on it, but there’s a little bit more to it than that. You will be given detailed instructions on how to make a 14” Royal Feast Pizza King pizza to perfection by Pizza King’s standards. According to Brittany Conn, shift leader of a Pizza King restaurant, you will need to know your different sizes of pizzas. There are 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, and 16” pizzas (Conn). You will be learning the steps to make a 14” Royal Feast pizza. It is not hard at all; just remember Pizza King’s slogan, “Good to the Very Edge!” (Pizza King) As you start, you will need a 14” plastic pizza board with to learn how to paste on; pasting is simply spreading out the pizza paste on the pizza dough with a metal spatula (Conn). While learning how to paste you will not have a pizza dough on your board. You will use two rounded spoonful of paste (Conn). A rounded spoonful is where you cannot see the rounded edges on the spoon; there is also a level spoonful in which you can see the edges (Conn). Now you will put your two rounded spoonful of paste on the center of your plastic board. You will then use your metal spatula and in a smooth manner, glide the paste across the board at a 3 o’clock straight off while slowly turning your board so you can paste the whole circle (Conn). Make sure you glide straight off the board keeping your spatula straight; if not you will get what they call a “rimmed edge” (Pizza King) which means the edge will have a thicker layer of paste then the rest of the pizza. After you have pasted the whole board you should see that the paste is evenly spread across the board. If it is too thick on the edges or too thick in the center then keep trying until you get it close to even as you can.

After you have got pasting down you will need to know how to do what Pizza King calls “cups” (Pizza King). There is a certain way to fill your cups and they are very strict on how to do so. There are a few different cups but you will be learning how to fill the cups for just a 14” Royal Feast. You will be using a large brown, red, green, yellow, and white cup. They also have smalls in all of those colors but for a 14” you only need the large; the white and green actually only come in one size, there is no small or large. So then, filling the cup is the same for all the cups, they just have different product going into each of them. You will hold your cup just below the brim making sure your fingers are firmly wrapped around the side of the cup and not the bottom. You will need to hold your cup steady and do not shake the cup or touch any of the toppings after they have been dropped into the cup. If you do they consider it “packing” (Pizza King). Next you will grab one of your large cups, holding it above your pan of toppings and carefully drop toppings into the cup filling it just above the brim. Make sure it is just above the brim or it may be considered to full and you’ll have to re-do your cup. After your cup is filled just above the brim, you will use your index finger on your filling hand and facing your elbow towards the ceiling you will glide your finger across the top of the cup known as clearing the cup (Conn). It gets all excess toppings off the cup. After you have got the gist of cups you will then move on to putting on bottom cheese and top cheese.

Continuing with bottom and top cheese, you will always use brown cups for cheese. Since you are making a 14" pizza you will only need the large brown. You will fill your cup how you practiced and then little by little make an even circle of cheese around the outer edge of your board; it should be about a quarter of an inch...
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